About IndOz Homes

We founded Indoz Homes in 2014 with the goal of building new homes, investment property, Granny Flats or Renovations, we strive to deliver a simple, stress-free experience that delivers your ultimate outcome.

Indoz Homes has their own property developments projects surrounding Perth Metro.

We know that home building is a labour of love and we’re committed to doing the little things right to ensure you get exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

we’re committed to delivering the best building experience for you. We provide complete transparency to our process, costs, and timings, so you’re confidently versed in what to expect at every stage. With our innovative construction methods and premium materials, we can ensure a quality build in an outstanding time frame, at an affordable price…

We Design

Most of the time the builders struggle to visualize because of their incapability to use the right design tools, fortunately for us, we don’t.

We Innovate

If you have a problem, believe it or not, we will find the solution for you. We do the out of the box thinking to innovate and find the best way to use the space you have.

We Deliver

99.9% of our projects are delivered in the agreed time frame. We, any given day, won’t over commit, rather over-deliver.