Multi Occupancy House

Squeeze More Cash from Your Property by Building Multiple Occupancy Homes in Australia

Do you have a large property that you want to rent out to add extra money to your monthly income? It’s an excellent idea. How about investing in multi-occupancy homes? The concept of MOH has been flourishing in Australia for years because the country is one of the major attractions of higher studies and work across the world. It is a cheaper home service in Australia for foreigners.
For Australians, it is a smart investment to generate passive income without putting much effort.
If you have made your mind, Indoz Homes will help you out in converting your place into a comfortable multi-occupancy building.
We are one of the most leading home improvement service providers in Australia. Our services include home renovation and building a new home at reasonable and competitive prices.

What is Special about Our Multi-Occupancy Home Services?
We are mastered in designing custom multi-occupancy buildings. We have a team of experts who are well aware of the concept of multi-occupancy house. We first understand your requirements and then create a custom design by mixing your ideas with our ideas. Each MOH project is taken by us with greater enthusiasm and dedication. Our MOH services include-

Custom Designing
We design rooms according to your desired size and features. Like other MOH, bathrooms and kitchens are typically designed as common areas shared by all tenants. Stairwells, landings, and gardens are also designed to share by tenants. The house is divided into bed-sitting, self-contained flats, or simple lodgings, based on how much space you have and how you want to design.

Design According to Legal Compliance
MOH is overcrowded house where a kitchen is shared. It increases the casualty of the fire. We meet with the standard of fireproofing to make the kitchen a safe place to cook.  Smoke detectors are installed. Aim for adequate cooking and washing facilities.

Work on a Contract Basis
Each project we take up is on a contract basis. You don’t need to look after the work progress. We are responsible to complete the project on time. Our work strategy is innovative. We use modern construction tools to accomplish the goal of high quality and within the deadline.

Reasonable Services
Indoz Homes gives value to customer satisfaction rather than pricing. We offer MOH services at reasonable prices.

Top FAQs

What is MOH?
A Multi Occupancy House is a residential property occupied by more than one household. They share facilities like a bathroom or kitchen. They are not a family unit.

What is a Household?
It is a single person or members of the family living together such as-

  • Married couples (same or opposite sex)
  • Relatives or half-relatives (grandparents, parents, aunts)
  • Step-children and step-parents

To learn more about our MOH services in Australia, contact us via mail or call.

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