Indoz Homes- Your Custom Home Builder for More Than Two Decades

At Indoz Homes, we build not dream houses but dream homes

We feel proud if you are satisfied with our services. Our unit has found profound expertise in serving personalised home construction services in Perth, Australia. From looking for the best location to designing your dream home, we offer end-to-end services. Our professional team is always ready to assist you with your ideas to build a custom design that suits your lifestyle and interest.

Building Your Dreams, Starting from $170K
No matter how small or big your budget plan, our team of talented and experienced custom home builders can create an impressive layout considering your needs in mind.

Let’s discuss your home building plan with us.   

How Does Our Custom Home Builders Give Shape to Your Dream?
Our team follows all the necessary steps to build a functional and aesthetically pleasing home.

Helping You Choose Your Land – If you have not chosen your plot yet, we use our contacts to help you find an ideal destination to start construction. The land is recommended considering your priority in mind.

Creating the Layout –  Planning is an essential part when it comes to constructing a new home. Our architectural team will translate your vision into paper, then 3D images, and in the end, a solid home.

Picking The Right Style –  From cottage style to modern home, we are comfortable to work for any type of project. We work on choosing the right style, materials, and exterior features of the façade. Each small thing is taken care of by our team so that we can meet your expectations.

Why Choose Us for Building Your Custom Home?
With years of experience in the construction field, we understand the type of building that can suit your lifestyle, the location, and the climate of your area. Our team of professionals works closely with you to give a personal touch to your home that is a reflection of your taste and high-quality living.

 Listen to Our Clients – When we design a home, we listen to our clients to know their desire. Each home is unique, and uniqueness has brought by the effort of designers and the homeowner. We respect your words and focus on custom home building.

Experience & Reputation – We have earned fame and respect for our work. Our two decades of work experience with positive reviews from our clients make us outstanding.

Quality & Rich Craftsmanship – We are passionate about our work. Bringing the “WOW” factor in the home interior is our motto. From wall color to the flooring, everything is designed with precision.

Knowledge of the Locality – As a leading house builder in Perth, we are well familiar with the local council requirements and distinctive and diverse landscapes of the area.

Services at Honest Prices – Our home building packages are flexible. You can choose the one that fits to your budget. Contact us to learn more about our service packages.